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Custom T Shirt Printing and Embroidery by Accent T-Shirts in Las Vegas
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Expert Tips for T-Shirt Artwork and Embroidery Digitizing

Creating Good Artwork for T-Shirt Printing

T-shirts are a dynamic way to express style, promote brands, or unify a group. Discover essential tips for perfect t-shirt artwork, focusing on resolution, scale, and file format to ensure top-notch prints.

Custom TShirt Printing and Embroidery Helpful Tips by Accent T-Shirts


Understand the critical role of resolution in t-shirt printing, measured in DPI. Learn why a standard of 200 to 300 DPI is vital for clear, sharp designs without pixelation.


Grasp the importance of scaling your artwork to the print size, with tips on adjusting design dimensions to avoid poor-quality prints.


Uncover the best file formats for t-shirt printing, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF, and why RGB color mode is crucial

Benefits of Digitizing Embroidery with Accent T-Shirts

Custom TShirt and Embroidery Helpful Tips by Accent T-Shirts in Las Vegas

The Art of Embroidery Digitizing:

Explore the transformative process of converting designs into digital formats for embroidery, enhancing the quality and appeal of embroidered products.

Impact on Quality:

Learn how excellent digitizing can elevate the look of your embroidery, affecting stitch appearance, color quality, and overall aesthetics.

Production Efficiency:

Discover how well-digitized designs can speed up production, reducing the need for corrections and streamlining the embroidery process.

Cost-Effective Production:

Find out how accurate digitizing reduces waste and lowers production costs, crucial for commercial ventures.

Employee Satisfaction:

See how proficient digitizing can enhance job satisfaction by enabling employees to produce superior embroidered items with ease.

The Hallmarks of Great Digitizing:

Uncover what constitutes great digitizing - a blend of detail orientation, artistic skill, technical knowledge, and extensive experience.


Summarize the importance of high-quality artwork and digitizing in t-shirt printing and embroidery. Highlight Accent T-Shirts' commitment to excellence in these areas.

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