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Custom T Shirt Printing and Embroidery by Accent T-Shirts in Las Vegas
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4 Ways to Make Your Custom T-Shirt Stand Out

1. Choose a creative graphic or design

- Brand new or custom designs attract more attention than plain text

- Involve humor, pop culture references, or unique illustrations to spark interest

- Consult with a freelance graphic designer if you lack creative skills

2. Experiment with color combinations

- Bold, vibrant colors make a visual impact over ordinary black and white

- Play with complementary, analogous, or triadic co

lor schemes

- Avoid dull or boring single-color shirts

3. Consider unconventional fabrics and materials

- Materials like heavy cotton, silk, or brushed polyester feel


- Eco-friendly or reusable fabrics show your commitment to sustainability

- Distress or stonewash techniques add visual interest over flat colors

4. Get feedback and iterate on your design

- Test designs on family and friends to identify areas for improvement

- Incorporate useful critiques to refine and perfect your creation

- Multiple versions leads to datadriven optimization of the winning design

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