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Printing Custom Designs on Wicking Material

Wicking Material or Dry Fit as some call it, can definitely be printed on. Your team or company logo can be printed on this material. A few things to consider when going with wicking material is that it is basically polyester. When printing on 100% polyester the printer needs to make sure the appropriate ink is being used or the garment may discharge. What is discharge? Unlike cotton which holds ink better, polyester tends to bleed the ink through the garment, basically making the printed ink fade or bleed from the dye of the garment. This is called discharging. The dye of the garment discharges into the printed image, dulling or off-coloring the print. How do you keep this from happening? Basically, the printer should be using 100% polyester suitable inks when custom printing these garments and should be using quality goods. It can be tricky at times.

The image to the left shows how the red discharged at different points. The reason for this was the actually manufacturer didn't properly dye the garment when manufacturing the hoodie. We saw quite a bit of this during covid manufacturing times. Cheap labor and even cheaper production materials. So not only does the printer have to worry about the ink being used, but also the materials were put together properly.

Things to consider when using wicking (dry-fit) materials

a. Printer is using the proper inks (polyester suitable)

b. The manufacturer of the garment is producing quality goods

c. The garment is cured at the proper temperature.

d. The art on the job is of high-quality - making sure it's a nice print.

But yes you can make a quality dry-fit wicking product. Just keep these things in mind.

Hope this sheds some light on wicking materials and the process of printing them.

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